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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka is a manga series that ran in Big Gangan magazine from June 25, 2015 to February 25, 2021. A 12-episode anime adaptation starring Aya Suzaki as main character Asuka Ootorii aired from January 12, 2019 to March 30, 2019.

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About the Series[]

Three years ago, a bloodthirsty race of interdimensional beings known as the Disas appeared and destroyed everything they could reach on Earth. With regular weapons rendered useless, humanity's only hope of survival relied on humans who became magical girls after forming an alliance with the Spirit Realm, who had followed the Disas to Earth. After a violent conflict, the squad of magical girls emerge victorious, with the survivors now known as the "Magical Five."

Following the war with the Disas, the Magical Five disbands. Kurumi Mugen, Mia Cyrus, Tamara Volkova, and Lau Peipei independently continue their own military services, while their leader, Asuka Ootorii, retires and becomes a high school student. However, Asuka's peace is short-lived, as it seems there were survivors on the enemy's side as well. As magic must be fought with magic, Asuka is dragged back into combat as an even worse battle looms on the horizon.

Meet The Magical Girls![]

  • Asuka Ootorii- Known as Rapture, Asuka is a badass war hero from Japan who goes back into the battlefield to protect the world from a more terrible war.
  • Kurumi Mugen- Known as War Nurse, Kurumi is a combat medic well-versed in torture who has a crush on and dedicates her entire existence to Asuka. At the end of the manga, she becomes Asuka's girlfriend.
  • Mia Cyrus- Known as Just Cause, Mia is an American CIA soldier who doesn't take things too seriously off the battlefield, but is a force of destruction on the battlefield.
  • Tamara Volkova- Known as Phoenix, Tamara is a Russian soldier who seems cold on the outside, but is actually a lover of all things cute.
  • Lau Peipei- Known as Shantoulon, Peipei is a money-hungry Chinese freelance mercenary who changed her life path to fight for the sake of a young girl.
  • Chisato Yonamine- Known as Whiplash, Chisato is a tough Okinawan girl who loves karate. She was turned into a magical girl and gifted a prosthetic leg from the Babel Brigade. She joined the team after she is defeated by Kurumi.
  • Nazani- An Armenian magical mercenary who is confident and fierce in battle, Nazani previously worked for Oboroten. She joined the team after she is defeated by M-Squad.

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